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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve?

It is a 300+ acre tract of rugged land on State Route 1004 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky containing a historically significant cave.

What is the Great Saltpetre Cave?

It is a closed and gated limestone cave that is about one half mile long. It was used during the War of 1812 for the production of nitre for the manufacture of gunpowder. The cave was operated as a commercial cave until the early 1980's.

Who owns and maintains the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve?

It is owned by the Rockcastle Karst Conservancy. The Preserve is managed and maintained by the Greater Cincinnati Grotto, the Blue Grass Grotto, the Dayton Underground Grotto, and the Central Ohio Grotto.

How is the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve supported financially?

All money to maintain the Preserve comes from donations. Your support is appreciated!

How can I donate money to support the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve?

If you want to donate by check, please make it out to "Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve". You can mail it directly to Werner Jud, GSP Treasurer, 1044 Vacationland Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45231. You can also donate by PayPal on the GSP Store page. Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the Rockcastle Karst Conservancy, therefore your contribution qualifies as tax-deductible.

Can I visit the Great Saltpetre Cave?

Yes. You can visit the cave (for free) during the annual Open House the 3rd weekend in May, (the weekend after Mother's Day). Under certain circumstances you can visit the cave at other times.

Can I camp out overnight at the Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve?

Only members of GCG, BGG, DUG, and COG and accompanying guests are granted camping privileges. It is primitive camping only. There are showers, drinkable water, latrines, shelter and kitchen facilities on-site. The shower house is open when temperatures are reliably above freezing. The kitchen is kept locked for security through the week and is usually available on weekends. Please contact your grotto representative about access.

I am a NSS caver traveling through the area. Can I camp at Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve?

Yes, if a member of GCG, BGG, DUG, or COG sponsors you. Contact a grotto member for more details.

How do I get to Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve?

See the directions page for driving directions. The entrance to the preserve is kept gated and locked. Please contact a member of GCG, BGG, DUG, or COG for a sponsor. The gate combination will not be given out to non-members.

I am a Youth Adventure or Scout Group Coordinator. Is it possible for my group to camp at Great Saltpetre Cave Preserve and visit the Great Saltpetre Cave and/or a wild cave?

Yes! We welcome youth and scout groups to camp at the Preserve and be guided by a caver through the Great Saltpetre Cave and/or an area wild cave all year round. All requests for camping and caving by youth groups should be sent to the Caving Outreach Coordinator for the Greater Cincinnati Grotto. Please see the youth group visitation page for more information.

I am a Schoolteacher. Is it possible to bring my class for a field trip?

Yes! We welcome field trips of all ages in the Spring and Fall. Please plan for an all-day event, so we can share an age-appropriate video about bats or caves, have time to eat your lunches, and tour the cave. All requests for information about field trips should be sent by email to gsp@caves.org.

How can I learn more about caves and caving?

Contact the National Speleological Society, the Greater Cincinnati Grotto, the Dayton Underground Grotto, the Blue Grass Grotto, or the Central Ohio Grotto. See the Links page.

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