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GSP/RKC Waiver Form

Anyone camping at Great Saltpetre Preserve is required to sign a RKC Liability Waiver for insurance reasons. Any version of the Waiver that does not match the version below is invalid. A Waiver must be signed by each individual over the age of 18. All minor children must have a Waiver signed by their legal guardian.

Waivers for grotto members are also required.  Members of the area grottos, GCG/DUG/BGG/COG, must sign and return a RKC Waiver to their grotto Membership Chair.

Grotto Membership Chairs:

All non-member visitors including scouts, youth group members, and grotto guests must submit a RKC Waiver to their grotto sponsor for each visit to the campground.

Download the RKC Waiver (PDF) - Last revised 10/03/2018. All previous versions are obsolete.

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