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GSP/RKC Waiver Form

Anyone camping or caving at Great Saltpetre Preserve is required to sign a RKC Liability Waiver for insurance reasons. Any version of the Waiver that does not match the version below is invalid. This waiver, when signed, will continue to be valid, unless the signor changes their address or name; in such a case, they must sign a new waiver. A Waiver must be signed by each individual over the age of 18. All minor children must have a Waiver signed by their legal guardian.

Waivers for grotto members are also required.  Members of the area grottos, GCG/DUG/BGG/COG, must sign and return a RKC Waiver to their grotto Membership Chair.

Grotto Membership Chairs:

All non-member visitors including scouts, youth group members, and grotto guests must submit a RKC Waiver to their grotto sponsor for each visit to the campground.

Download the RKC Waiver (PDF) - (Last revised 10/20/2018). All previous versions are obsolete.

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