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Visitation Health Guidelines.

The following are rules for visitation of the preserve. Please read them carefully before planning a visit.

Visitation Eligibility

  • The Preserve is governed by a Management Plan. All visitors are expected to adhere to the Management Plan.
  • All visitors must either belong to the Greater Cincinnati Grotto, Dayton Underground Grotto, the Blue Grass Grotto, the Central Ohio Grotto, or have a sponsor from one of these grottos.
  • Others may visit or camp at the Preserve provided they are sponsored by a member of GCG, DUG, BGG, or COG. The sponsor must be onsite during the visit.
  • The front gate to the Preserve is gated and locked with a combination lock. The gate must be locked at all times. Only members of GCG, DUG, BGG, or COG are given the combination to the lock.
  • The Great Saltpetre Cave is gated and locked with a key lock. The cave must remain locked even while visiting inside the cave. Members of GCG, DUG, BGG, and COG may request to borrow a key from their GSP Committee Representative or a GCG Executive Committee Member. Please review the cave rules before visiting the cave.
  • The onsite caretaker is not responsible for giving out the front gate combination or a key to the cave.

Liability Waiver

  • All adults and minor children of GCG, DUG, BGG, and COG members that camp at the Preserve are required to sign a liability waiver.  Parents must sign for minor children.
  • All youth group members under the age of 18 are required to have a signed liability waiver for each visit to the preserve whether they camp or not. No exceptions. Parents must sign for minor children. These waivers are to be collected and retained by the sponsoring grotto member.  Waivers will be valid until the end of the calendar year and must be renewed annually.

Fees and Regulations

  • Camping fees are $9 per person per night for youth groups. Camping fees are $8 per person per night for everyone else. There is a fee collection box at the Preserve at the kiosk. Electric sites are $8 per night per site in addition to the per person camping fee. DUG, GCG, BGG, and COG members may purchase an annual camping pass, valid for each calendar year. The cost of an annual pass for 2022 has been increased to $50 for an individual pass and $75 for a family pass, available from the GSP Treasurer, either by mail or from the on-line Store.
  • Visitors are asked to sign in to the registration book at the kiosk upon arrival at the preserve.
  • No firearms, horses, ATV's, fireworks, cows, or collecting are allowed at the preserve.

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