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Cave Rules

The following are rules for visitation of the Cave. Please read them carefully before planning a visit.

  • Cave visitation is governed by a Management Plan. All visitors are expected to adhere to the Management Plan.
  • The gate to the Cave must remain locked at all times. The gate must be locked even while you are in the Cave. This prevents people from entering the Cave without your knowledge and accidentally getting locked in.
  • Please make sure the Cave lights are turned off after your visit. The main switch for all lights in the Cave is located at the main entrance near the gate.
  • Make sure you bring one or more flashlights into the Cave even if you plan to use the electric lights. Power outages can and do happen in the area. Do not get stranded in the dark.
  • No smoking in the Cave. No vehicles, bicycles or pets are allowed in the Cave.
  • There are no restrooms in the Cave.
  • You may stay in the Cave as long as you wish but overnight camping is not permitted.
  • Please be careful around the edges of the old saltpeter vats. These ancient pits and holes donít look like much but they have historical significance and can be easily damaged.
  • Please do not disturb or interfere with other groups that may be visiting the Cave while you are.
  • You are not authorized to lend the Cave key to anyone. This includes other members of DUG, GCG, BGG, or COG. These cavers know the procedure for getting access to the Cave. Show them this form if they object or insist you give them the key to the Cave.
  • In case of an emergency please contact the onsite caretaker (Bill Carr) and the local rescue squad. Dial 911. The Preserve is located near mile marker nine on SR-1004 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky.
  • Report any vandalism or disturbances in the Cave to the Great Saltpetre Cave Committee.

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