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Sponsoring Groups At GSP

Are you a member of the Greater Cincinnati Grotto, Blue Grass Grotto, Dayton Underground Grotto, or Central Ohio Grotto and planning to bring a group of 12 people or more to the Great Saltpetre Preserve?
If so, you must complete and submit a Sponsorship Request form. Your request will be reviewed and approved by the GSP Management Committee. The form can be completed on-line or downloaded and submitted by mail. Before completing the sponsorship request form, please read the Preserve Rules, Cave Rules, and GSP Management Plan. As the sponsor of a group, you are expected to ensure your group complies with all rules of GSP. You must also fill out a Waiver for each person who will be visiting Great Saltpetre Preserve.

Also, as long as the COVID-19 persists, please View the Visitation Health Guidelines.

Complete & Submit The Form On-line

- - OR - -

GSP Sponsorship Request Form
  (Last revised 2/19/2018)

Mail Completed Form To:

Scott Pavey
GSP Committee Chair
1759 South County Road 350E
Dillsboro, Indiana 47018-9241